A Florida Wonderland

When we moved to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, everything was as white as a blank canvas. The walls of our square, flat-roofed home were brand-new, white plaster. White cement sidewalks were freshly laid, lining the new, smoothly-paved roads, and even the ground itself was white as sand.

The Aquarist

From as early as I can remember, until I was eight or nine, I managed a chain of diverse aquariums along the sandy shore of Watch Hill Cove. The real estate upon which I built my summertime empire is a shallow stretch of sand that appears and disappears according to the tide. Although technically it is a beach, to call it that would be misleading.

The Wilderness Downtown

My hometown is something of a movie star. Glencoe, Illinois, has been featured in a number of Hollywood flicks over the past few decades—Risky Business, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles. Even the famous Mean Girls line “You go Glen-CoCo” refers to the town. The Glencoe I saw on the big screen, however, always felt more exciting than the one I experienced in real life.