Harriet Quimby, drama critic and aviator (1875-1912) I lift off, climb above swaths of suburbs, taut tennis courts, lazy fairways, lines of sailboats where sea shifts blue-green to blue. I level out above small farms like the one where I … Continue reading


“YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE SAD,” the twelve-foot billboard along the left side of Route 93 shouted at me in tall neon letters as our car went roaring past. Of course, it didn’t say exactly that. It was probably … Continue reading

The End of Bradbury Road

Mémère and Pépère’s potato farm sits at the end of Bradbury road, three minutes outside of Fort Kent. My mother and her six siblings grew up on this farm with my grandparents, harvesting potatoes until the tips of their fingers were sore and stained with fertilizer.