Muskeg By Diana Saverin

The car wasn’t mine, but I loved it recklessly. For six weeks, Jonathan and I drove it (twelve of Alaska’s highways), ate meals in it (grape nuts, arugula, a lot of pasta), and slept in it (back seat, sitting up, … Continue reading

Navigation By Diana Saverin

I can only drive when my skin knows the way, wrinkles and pores smudged up against the leather of the steering wheel, drawing the approaching turns out from my subconscious. When I lived in Pittsburgh this fall, I learned the … Continue reading

Gaudeamus Igitur By Diana Saverin

Gaudeamus igitur, Juvenes dum sumus; Post icundum iuventutem, Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus. Let us therefore rejoice, While we are young; After our youth, After a troublesome old age The ground will hold us. IUVENES DUM SUMUS On the … Continue reading