Looking for Charm

Is Baltimore in the South? Sure, if you’re in the North.
A border state, the geography of violence and race
On the fault line of America’s original sin.

Panhandlers commute daily between Baltimore City and Baltimore County to avoid law enforcement. Parents commute daily between Baltimore City and Baltimore County to avoid bad schools. Hopkins students beware: cross that street you’ll be in the ghetto. They wouldn’t have horse races in the ghetto, would they?

We rioted
In the volleyball bleachers when our school won.
We yelled, and our faces were joyful
And our eyes were shut.

Charm City, and which city is that?
There is a city here!
I am a part of it, aren’t I? Aren’t we? Aren’t they?
All I know is we ended up on the winning side of the border.

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The photographs were taken in Baltimore City, and at the Lutherville light rail station. The captions are recent article titles from the student newspaper at Gilman School, where I attended high school.



Yanbo will tell you he’s from Baltimore, but actually he’s from Baltimore County. There’s nothing he would like more than to have the knots massaged out of his back. If you are able and willing, let him know at yanbo.li@yale.edu.

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